We are pleased to announce our Glenn Brown and Rebecca Warren catalogue is now available for purchase. Featuring essays by John Chilver and Dominic Eichler, the publication commemorates the first time the two Turner Prize-nominated artists have exhibited together.

The British artists willfully interrogate and refashion standards from the art world’s multiple histories. Brown’s canvases offer a nightmarish review of art history that revises and reframes the work of masters and sci-fi illustrators alike. Mangled and tumescent, Warren’s sculptures in turn respond to the manicured forms of classical statuary, only to emphasize the kneading and manipulation that calls form into being.

John Chilver is a London-based artist and writer whose writing has appeared in Afterall, Art Monthly, Frieze, Art Papers, Untitled, Starship, Schizm, and Spike. Dominic Eichler is a Berlin-based art writer and gallerist whose recent writings include an essay on Wolfgang Tillmans’s abstract works, a major feature on the sculptor Isa Genzken and an audio essay for the Serpentine Gallery London on the work of Rosemarie Trockel.

Request the catalogue at your local bookstore or order it directly online here.