rennie collection Works on Loan

A robust lending program ensures rennie collection is shared across the globe with numerous institutions, including Centre Georges Pompidou, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Museo Jumex, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Smithsonian and Tate, to name a few. For the month of October you’ll find rennie collection artworks in Beacon, Chattanooga, Edmonton, Gambier, Houston, Humlebaek, Liverpool, London, Los Angeles, Memphis, Oslo, Santa Fe, Seoul, St. Louis, Toronto, Milan, and New York!

rennie Video Program

Rennie Collection is pleased to unveil a new video exhibition program presented in the rennie head office located in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood. Large screens in two meeting rooms located street front in the West 1st Avenue building will display a curated selection of video works drawn from the Rennie Collection. The inaugural video exhibition features works by Romanian artist Mircea…

Spring 2022: Collected Works

rennie museum is pleased to present our penultimate exhibition in the historic Wing Sang building. Spring 2022: Collected Works is a group exhibition on the potency of photography featuring the work of three influential artists—Larry Clark, Katy Grannan and Andres Serrano. The exhibition runs from March 12 to May 28, 2022. exhibited works view here

Barkley L. Hendricks | Lorna Simpson:
Collected Works

rennie museum proudly presents the exhibition Barkley L. Hendricks and Lorna Simpson: Collected Works. This is the first major presentation of either artist in Canada and marks the first time the two towering figures have exhibited together. Drawn entirely from the rennie collection, the exhibition includes works that span a combined 50 years of both artists’ practices, including new and never-…

Spring 2019

rennie museum is pleased to present Spring 2019: Collected Works, a group exhibition encompassing the mediums of photography, painting and film. A portraiture of the collecting spirit, the works exhibited invite exploration of what collected objects, and both the considered and unintentional ways they are displayed, inform us. Featuring the works of four artists—Andrew Grassie, William E. Jones, Louise Lawler and Catherine…

Kerry James Marshall

rennie museum is proud to announce a survey of works by Kerry James Marshall spanning thirty-two years of the artist’s career. Drawn entirely from rennie collection, Kerry James Marshall: Collected Works features over 30 pieces from the artist’s complex body of work, which interrogates the sparse historical representation of African-Americans through painting, sculpture, drawing and other media. The exhibition opens June 2nd and runs…

Yoko Ono: Mend Piece

rennie museum is pleased to present Yoko Ono’s MEND PIECE, Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York City version (1966/2015). Illustrating Ono’s long standing artistic quest in social activism and world peace, this instructional work will transform the historic Wing Sang building into an intimate space for creative expression and bring people together in an act of collective healing and meditation. The installation will run…

Ian Wallace

rennie museum is pleased to announce a solo exhibition featuring rarely and never-before seen historic works of renowned Vancouver artist Ian Wallace. Highlighting Wallace’s perennial exploration of social issues, the works presented will also examine the crux of his artistic process: the intersectionality between public and private, personal and universal, process and production, abstraction and representation. The exhibition runs May…

Simon Starling

The intricate work of British artist Simon Starling is the subject of the latest exhibition held at rennie museum. This marks the first time the Turner Prize recipient has held a solo exhibition in the West Coast since 2002. Starling’s practice explores meditations on fundamental ideas about sculpture, mass, and material, an exercise that stimulates alternative views of our modern world….

Summer 2016

rennie collection is proud to present a group exhibition bringing together 23 internationally acclaimed artists. Narrowing its focus on photographic works, this survey aims to investigate the many aspects embedded within the act of seeing and how photography impacts perception. The exhibition runs from June 18 to October 15, 2016. Read the full press release here. exhibited works view here

Winter 2015

rennie museum is proud to present a major group exhibition featuring 41 prominent and emerging artists. Bringing together a variety of practices and media, this survey aims to reveal the chaos of the world by addressing enduringly pertinent issues, from migratory displacement to an in-depth examination of identity and history. The exhibition runs from January 23 to April 23, 2016….

Lara Favaretto

rennie collection is pleased to announce the first Canadian solo exhibition by Italian artist Lara Favaretto, from May 30 to October 3, 2015. Through her installations of mundane objects, Favaretto’s art practice explores the absurdities of modern life, consumer culture, and obsolescence. Her large-scale installations and interventions will find new meaning in the historic Wing Sang building. Read the full…

Mircea Cantor

The reflective work of Romanian artist and Prix Marcel Duchamp winner Mircea Cantor (b. 1977) is the subject of a rennie collection at Wing Sang exhibition this winter. This is the first solo presentation of his work in Canada. While Cantor works in a number of different mediums, he is best known for his ostensibly simple video narratives that slowly…

Rodney Graham

This spring and summer, three Vancouver galleries join forces with interrelated exhibitions to celebrate renowned Vancouver artist Rodney Graham. Internationally known for his humour and deep engagement with exploring ideas about art in our era of mass communication, Graham works in several media—film, video, photography, sound, text, sculpture, installation and painting—to reflect his ongoing concerns that are part autobiography, part detective…

Glenn Brown | Rebecca Warren

rennie collection is pleased to announce the first exhibition in Canada of work by Glenn Brown and Rebecca Warren. This also marks the first time these two Turner Prize-nominated artists have shown together. Seven paintings and a sculpture by Brown are presented in tandem with a series of Warren’s clay and bronze sculptures. Read the full press release here. exhibited works…

Summer 2013

While all of these artists have their own distinctly unique styles and practices, the exhibit creates a unifying dialogue surrounding a conceptual questioning of the museum as an entity and ideas regarding space and movement. These works, pertaining to or involving centers of artistic presentation such as museums or galleries, have been dubbed in the canon of art history as…

Robert Beck | Robert Buck

rennie collection is proud to present the first Canadian exhibition of American artist Robert Beck/Robert Buck from March 2 to June 8, 2013. Read the full press release here. exhibited works view here

Andrew Grassie

rennie collection is pleased to present the first solo North American museum exhibition of Scottish artist Andrew Grassie from September 29, 2012 to January 26, 2013. A casual glance at one of Andrew Grassie’s diminutive, hyper-realistic pictures, one might think they are viewing documentation photographs of an exhibition or of an artist’s studio. A closer inspection reveals Grassie’s works to be…

Damian Moppett

rennie collection is proud to present the first comprehensive survey of Canadian artist Damian Moppett from November 21, 2010 to April 21, 2012. The work of Damian Moppett charts a self-reflective studio practice spanning photography, sculpture, drawing, painting and video, often using one medium to examine another. Read the full press release here. exhibited works view here

Martin Creed

rennie collection is pleased to present an exhibition of works and performances by internationally renowned artist Martin Creed from May 21 to October 22, 2011. Read the full press release here. exhibited works view here

Amy Bessone | Thomas Houseago

rennie collection at Wing Sang is pleased to present an exhibition with Los Angeles-based artists Thomas Houseago and Amy Bessone. Both showing for the first time in Canada, they both deal with the figure and representations of the figure in a contemporary and insightful manner. Read the full press release here. exhibited works view here

Richard Jackson

The dynamic sculptural paintings of American artist, Richard Jackson (b. 1939) will be the subject of the second show by rennie collection at Wing Sang this spring. Opening May 1 and continuing until September 25, 2010, not only is this the first Canadian exhibition of his work, this will also be the first major exhibition of his work in North America since…

Mona Hatoum

Mona Hatoum works in a diverse and unconventional range of media, including installation, sculpture, video and photography with her artistic practice discussed almost exclusively in sociopolitical terms. Hatoum is the subject of the debut exhibition by rennie collection at Wing Sang from October 24, 2009 – January 28, 2010. exhibited works view here