Damian Moppett: Collected Works
November 26, 2011 – April 21, 2012

Our popular exhibit with Martin Creed ended on October 8th after five months of delighting visitors young and old. The next exhibit by Vancouver-based artist Damian Moppett will be shown from November 26 to April 21, 2011. An inter-disciplinary artist primarily interested in the studio practice, Moppett has been creating drawings and watercolours as an ongoing project for the collection as a literal way of illustrating the path of that interest.  This project encompasses everything he has done for over eight years. Also included in the exhibition are a number of formal paintings and sculptures, bringing his drawings and watercolours to life. 

Martin Creed: Collected Works Fun Facts!

Now that Martin’s exhibit has completed, we thought it would be fun to give you a selection of the related final numbers:

  ·  29,000 pink balloons used
  ·  65 total runners (with 100+ signed up)
  ·  Our most frequent runner David, ran 13 times
  ·  18 people ran 4 or more times
  ·  2,500+ visitors, our highest attendance by far

Work No. 850

Our most frequent runner David, created a video using mostly a headcam of the entire exhibition from the experience of a runner. It’s a fantastic bird’s eye view of the exhibition, and you can watch it here.

In addition, we want to thank our generous sponsors Lululemon and Whistler Water for helping us keep Martin Creed’s Work No. 850 running smoothly for the past 4 months. Lululemon provided some of the clothing used by participating runners, while Whistler Water kept them hydrated through their laps around the museum.

Tate Director Sir Nicholas Serota visits rennie collection

Works by Martin Creed, Dan Graham and Thomas Houseago were the perfect backdrop for a fabulous dinner on the museum’s rooftop in honour of the current Director of the Tate museums, Sir Nicholas Serota. Artists, patrons and collectors gathered in support of Sir Nick and Bob’s continued work with the North American Acquisitions Committee.

rennie collection is going Royal!

Starting in June 2012, the Royal BC Museum will be displaying treasures from its human and natural history collections in the Wing Sang. Acting as a satellite space for the museum in Vancouver, Bob Rennie is donating the Wing Sang to RBCM during the summer months. Their first exhibit will be The Other Emily: Redefining Emily Carr. Drawing on works from Carr’s early career, this exhibition has been extraordinarily popular in their main Victoria museum space and will now be available to be enjoyed by a Vancouver audience.

Twitter: You can now follow us on Twitter @RennieCollect. We will be regularly posting information about our exhibitions, tour schedule, artists and any other relevant info or events. There will also be a prize giveaway soon, so be sure to follow right away!

Public art project with Chinese artist Ai Weiwei: Recently ranked number one on the Art Review “Power 100” list, Ai Weiwei is an artist, architect and critic based in Beijing, known for creating art and making public statements critical of the political status quo. His highly successful 2010 commission for Tate Modern’s prestigious Unilever Series filled the Turbine Hall with 100 million handpainted sunflower seeds.

We are delighted that Ai has agreed to create a permanent public artwork involving the sidewalk in front of Wing Sang. We will release more information as details become available. In the meanwhile, for more information on Ai and his art, please visit the Lisson Gallery website.